Prednisolone is a medicine used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, asthma, breathing disorders, nephritic syndrome, arthritis, migraine headaches, rheumatic disorders, myasthenia gravis,Methylprednisolone, psoriasis, severe tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, skin conditions, cluster headaches or allergic disorders. Your doctor will need to know if you have herpes infection of the eyes, tuberculosis, glaucoma, muscle disorder, mental illness, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, congestive heart failure, thyroid disorder, liver disease, kidney disease or diabetes before your treatment can be started - Prednisolone Without Prescription.

You will need to take Prednisolone regularly for the period prescribed, but your needs may change in case of serious illness, infection, surgery, fever or medical emergency.Generic Prednisolone - You can continue with Prednisolone treatment if you get dry skin, slow wound healing, nausea, dizziness, bruising, sweating, sleep problems, bloating, spinning sensation, mood changes, thinning skin, stomach pain, acne, discoloration or headache, as those are mild side effects. You should not combine Prednisolone with phenytoin, aspirin, cyclosporine, diuretics, blood thinners, insulin or diabetes medications, phenobarbital, ketoconazole or rifampin unless you have discussed that with your doctor.

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