12 Important Safety Features On Our Cars We Don’t Think About

Well ok, this is kind of a different subject, and probably not the most obvious to some. But I’ll guarantee some of us will be a little bit more informed, folks might even feel safer when they drive to work tomorrow. Whether you’re the consumer or an automotive sales consultant, this article will list a dozen important safety features found on every car on the road. The consumer can benefit knowing what’s on today’s automobiles, just in case he/she meets the salesman who is not the most educated on their product knowledge. And lastly, sales consultants can enhance their presentations with these tasty tid-bits and increase potential commissions. So without fail, here are the main safety features found on the exterior of those cars.

#1-crumple zones-A mainstay in today’s automobiles, this is the harmonic flow of numerous body panels and brackets that absorb the energy normally associated with a crash. Parts like the hood, bumper and fenders are engineered to crumple like an accordion, therefore taking the brunt in any accidental situations.

#2-Wraparound Headlights-Just like its name implies, it’s a one piece headlight design that integrates the low beam, high beam, and turn signals. The headlights wrap around from the front or back of the car to the sides. Not only are the halogen headlights brighter and wider with the use of reflective cuts in the chamber, but folks driving along our blind spots can easily know our lane changing intentions. As a result, causing less accidents.

#3-Breakaway Motor Mounts-These mounts attach the engine to the frame of the car. They’re not noticeable, but the life saving impact is huge. In a front impact collision, they’re specifically designed to break the engine away from the frame and with the forward motion, will make the engine slide underneath the car at a 45 degree angle. Making it less likely to have an engine sitting in your lap when the crash comes to a halt.

#4-steel belted radials-It’s pretty obvious, our tires are very important safety features, it is what keeps the car on the road. Tires are built with steel fibers built right in, how do they help? Well, motorists will have the peace of mind that their tires will hold up in even the most extreme conditions. Those belts will also give these tires a longer lasting life span. Less maintenance in the long run.

#5-ventilated disc brakes-Equally important as the tires are, disc brakes stop the car. Brakes are constructed of a rotor, pads, and calipers for short. The rotors are engineered with internal vanes, to help vent out the heat. And this will help defend against fade and making it less likely to repair the brakes often.

#6-Side Impact Door Beams-Like the crumple zones, this aids in absorbing energy in a side impact collision. They are steel intrusion beams built inside the door for extra reinforcement. Every car and truck have these.

#7-Laminated Windshield-This might be important, it is the very object that keeps bugs out of our teeth, and the rain out of our hair. The windshield is made up of two pieces of tempered glass with a laminate sheet in between. This is a glass sandwich that holds together well when sharp or heavy objects smash into it. There’s no shattering or large pieces of glass flying about.

#8-Tempered Safety Glass-The other glass that gives us 360 degrees of protection is also designed with safety in mind. Automotive glass is heat tempered, so that when it breaks, it shatters into a multitude of small cubes. The small cubes won’t cut or injure the occupants.

#9-Child Safety Door Locks-As this name indicates, they are small locks in the inside door jams of the rear two doors(4 door sedan or suv only). Lock them up and the little guys in the back seat can’t unlock and pull the inside door handles while we are driving.

#10-5 mph bumpers-I would classify this as a safety item for the car itself. In the event a driver lightly hits a lightpole, grocery cart, etc. at 5mph or under, it is unlikely there will be any major structural damage. These days, the government mandated limit to follow is 2.5 mph, most automakers have the 5 mph variety.

#11-Center High Mounted Brake Light-It’s actually just a 3rd brake light mounted higher than the two main brake lights, and most autos have them. They’re main purpose is to make drivers behind the motorist aware of their braking intentions, normally cars 6-10 back can see this clearly.

#12-Safety Cage Construction-Think of a built in rollcage, it’s the main exo-skeletal feature that provides the most protection. In every accidental situation, this protects 360 degrees. We can even literally turn a car or truck upside down on its roof, the cage will support 1.5x it’s own weight. There’s nothing more important.

Hence, there is our short list of safety features, hopefully you readers have a use for this information. And maybe, this will put more awareness at just how safe our cars really are. No longer will we pinpoint safety as just airbags and alarm systems, our daily drivers have been designed as intricately as the human body. All this for making our commutes, a safer one.

Source by Shaun Patrick Davidson

Hyundai Elantra Tops Best Used Car List

Hyundai redesigned their flagship car, the Elantra in 2001, and again, in 2007. Up to that point, Hyundai barely made any impact on the mported car market. These models were popular with the younger generation who found a way to get into a new car for a price they actually could afford.

As time has gone on and Hyundai has been busy adding new models to their stable, their new car price tag has risen into the mid-priced range. The Elantra, in particular, has made a tremendous impression on the first-time drivers and the new car buyers, alike. The Hyundai Elantra presents a peppy performance and a comfortable, tight ride. Even in the northern climates, the Elantra has shown its versatility on all kinds of road conditions without a single misstep.

The Elantra has been seen in several amenity levels, GL, GLS, LIMITED and GT. These are all generally a four-door sedan compact vehicle with leather interior in the Limited and GT models. The seats are extremely comfortable and boast electric adjustments as you would find in a far more expensive luxury brand.

Hyundai is here to stay and if the public has any say, watch out for even more advancements and fuel efficiency in the future.

Hyundai Elantra is also being found to be an excellent used car purchase and the search for them is growing in popularity. Their safety rating has been on the rise and their crash test scores are being raved about over at the major car report sites. You can find used Hyundai Elantras in your local classfied ads, at the used car dealers (paying premium price), and at local car auction. The best thing about the used car auctions is that you can find your Hyundai Elantra for a fraction of its actually book value.

Remember, used cars end up at public and government car auctions, usually, due to financial repossession. These vehicles are generally late model, low mileage, and still under warranty. Take a moment to learn more about used car auctions and how you could find a Hyundai Elantra for your next vehicle.

Source by Toni Alexander

Instant Car Insurance Quote – Save Money and Your Car Too

Car insurance is must because you never know when what damage can occur to your new car. Owning a car is not so easy and therefore, after buying your favorite car would you like to loose it? Even though anything bad happens to your car, after insuring it you will get this relief at least that the money will be back to you. Therefore, everybody should practice the insuring system; the moment one buys a car. For that you can look for instant car insurance quote.

For the best and cheap insurances you can take help of the online search engines. The websites containing such insurance quotes are quite helpful as here you will get the option to find out your favorite deal. As the quotes made by the companies are being highlighted, you will be easily able to decide which one will be good. The online services are also being considered to be the best for fast services. There is assurance for the clients to receive fast response from the car insurance companies and therefore, getting your car insured faster with the best deal is quite easy. Instant car insurance quote is therefore; best to be searched on the Internet.

The price of the insurance actually is based in the price of the car. To get insurance with low premiums will be easier if your car is of lower value. Moreover, certain other things too are given importance and these are like the size and model of your car, the driving record of the driver, his experiences, the use of the car and many more.

Such insurances will help you in getting the value of the car back even if it gets damaged due to accidents or fire. Also, insurance papers help in proving your ownership if ever you get involved in some accidents.

Source by Henry R Bell

So, You're Thinking of Becoming a Taxi Driver

For anyone considering becoming a taxi driver there is some pretty important factors to be reviewed and research.

Firstly, do you have the temperament to be a taxi driver? Remember, you are going to be in an enclosed space with a great variety of people for hours on end. These people might sit or silence or natter all the way through the journey, they'll either be completely uncommunicative or highly opinionated and you're a captive audience. These people will also want you to fetch and carry things to and from the car and maybe cram impossible amounts of items of shopping in your boot. Additionally, some may be wheelchair bound or suffer from immobility. And, let's not forget the drunkard who might leave you a special present. If you are prepared to deal with the vagaries of Joe and Jo public, then your next consideration is choice of vehicle.

You will need to make a decision as to whether you want to drive a saloon, or opt for a people carrier, minibus. It is important you talk to local firms about the different rates you can achieve for operating both. This is research you need to do anyway, irrespective of what vehicle you ever opt for. There are various costs involved in being a cab driver, so you need to know the work is available to cover tax insurance , book rental (ie – support for the office that provides you work), fuel, plating (your registration with the local authority ) and general running costs.

Once you've opted for a saloon car, there are requirements you should look for:

  • Most local authorities require that any car used for a private hire vehicle is less than 15 years old. Remember, although your taxi insurance quote will be lower the older the car, there could well be a trade off in how much you have to pay out to keep the car running. A newer car should cost less and if you can afford a brand new car, you have the assurance of manufacturers extended warranties.
  • Some industry experts recommend that a large saloon that has depreciated by 70% after three years is the optimum choice – models such as Mercedes C5, Audi 95, Vauxhall Vectra
  • If your driving is going to be primarily large town / city based, you'll want a car that is comfortable being in 3rd gear for most of the day.
  • Big windscreen for clarity of vision
  • Comfortable, good-sized steering wheel
  • Good sized boot
  • Good radio / CD player
  • Satnav
  • An optional extra for taxi drivers operating nights and weekends in busy urban areas is the anti-assault screen.

Of course, you have to buy a vehicle you can afford. It is pointless taking out a car loan or entering into a finance lease if you do not earn enough from being a taxi driver to make the repayments. And, buy one where insurance is reasonable.

Source by Denise Beresford